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Bargaining Update # 1 - Complete the Bargaining Survey!

Have you filled out the Local 52 Bargaining Survey yet? Now's your chance! The survey will be open from March 1st to 15th! Survey link: https://www.aupe.org/uofc2018/


Hello Local 52,

Once again, it's time to start talking about bargaining.

Our Collective Agreement (CA) expires on March 31st 2018. I am sure you may be wondering what that means for you. The current CA will remain in effect until such time as we have a new agreement that has been ratified through a vote by our membership.

Collective bargaining has one major change in the Province of Alberta. Under new legislation (known as Bill 4) we now have the legal right to strike (https://www.aupe.org/news/the-right-to-strike/). What does this mean for you? This change brings Alberta in line with the rest of the country, and represents one more bargaining chip at the negotiation table when it comes to collective bargaining. If necessary, you may need to use your new found legal right if you feel you are not getting what you believe to be fair. There have also been several changes to the Employment Standards Code that will have implications on our CA (https://www.alberta.ca/employment-standards-changes.aspx). I encourage you to read through the changes as well as read through your CA if you have not already to see how your work environment should be operating.

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce your Bargaining Team:
Dale Perry (AUPE staff negotiator)
Kevin Barry (Chair, Local 52) – Committee Chair
Peter Byrne (Chief Steward, Local 52) – Committee Vice Chair
Barb McCutcheon (Chair, Chapter 3) – Committee member
Kari Coleman (Vice Chair, Chapter 3) – Committee member
Justin Huseby (Treasurer, Local 52) – Committee member
Renata Gordon – (Vice Chair, Local 52) – 1st Alternate
Frank Snow (Chair, Chapter 2) – 2nd Alternate
Jennifer McCarty (Chair, Chapter 1) – 3rd Alternate
Colin Branner (Local 52 Council Rep, Chapter 4) – 4th Alternate
JP Arsenault (Local 52 Council Rep, Chapter 2) – 5th Alternate

This full group has been meeting since December to get ready for the upcoming round of negotiations with our Employer (which we believe will begin in April). We have met on five occasions as a team and on January 22nd, we had our first meeting with Dale Perry, our negotiator from AUPE. Moving forward, the core committee members (as well as the First Alternate) will continue to work with our AUPE negotiator to prepare a proposal for the employer. Our assigned AUPE Membership Services Officer, Blaine VandeKerKhove, has also been involved on numerous occasions as he looks after all Grievances in our Local and has a valuable perspective on issues we deal with on a regular basis. Blaine will continue to give us input as we prepare. Future Bargaining Committee meetings are scheduled as follows:
• March 6th (Core committee)
• March 7th (Core committee)
• March 8th (Core committee)
• March 22nd (with AUPE negotiator)
• March 23rd (with AUPE negotiator)

Complete the Bargaining Survey! - Open March 1st to March 15th 
Every time we enter into bargaining with the employer, we need to hear from our membership about the issues they’re facing. You should receive an email from AUPE’s Headquarters with the survey link today, and we’ve included it at the bottom of this email as well in case AUPE does not have your email address on file. We’ll also be sending the link to the survey out via letter mail, and a link to the survey will also be on our website. Please take the time to give us feedback to help us develop an agreement that reflects our members’ needs. We have attached a helpful document to help you prepare to answer the survey with all of your relevant information regarding your position with the University (note: you may need to call the Integrated Service Centre to find out some of your information before starting the survey). 

At the end of the survey, there will be a link to update your information with AUPE. I encourage you do fill it out with your personal email address to ensure we are able to communicate with you effectively throughout the bargaining process, as well as in the event of any labour action. If you’re receiving this message, you are subscribed to our AUPE-l mailing list used by our Local on the University’s mailman service.

Complete the Bargaining Survey now: https://www.aupe.org/uofc2018/ 

In solidarity,

Kevin Barry
Chair, Local 52
Chair, Local 52 Bargaining Committee

Local 52 Website: http://local052.aupe.ca/ 
Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AUPELocal52/ 

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Welcome to AUPE (Alberta Union of Provincial Employees), Local 052 (University of  Calgary).

We represent approximately 5000 support staff who are employed with the University of Calgary.

Local 052 is part of the Education Sector of AUPE.

We have members located throughout the Province of Alberta, primarily at six locations: 

  • Central Campus
  • Foothills Campus
  • Spy Hill Campus
  • Downtown Campus
  • Barrier Lake (Kananaskis) Research Station
  • Priddis Observatory
  • Edmonton & other satellite academic/research locations
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Mission Statement

Mission Statement of AUPE Local 52:
Local 52 will play a leadership role at the University of Calgary by:

negotiating for conditions, wages and benefits that promote a fair, safe, and rewarding work environment. defending the negotiated rights of our members building community through the principals of democracy, open communication and advocacy. recognizing that the interests of our members are interwoven with those of the University.

This Mission statement was passed by the AUPE Local 52 Council on Monday, April 7, 2003