2012 Retro Pay Greviance

2012 Retro Pay Greviance

2012 Retro Pay Grievance
April 9, 2013

Hello All,

We have now received the University's response to our grievance regarding the denial of retro pay.

The University maintains their position that members in the following identified categories (new hires, rehires, terminated employees) were treated in accordance with the Collective Agreement.  The University has confirmed that new hires and rehires will not receive the 2.25% increase retroactively to April 1, 2012. For clarification, the University maintains that terminated employees who were eligible for the 2.25% increase  (employed on April 1, 2012) and followed up with the University did receive the retro pay.

However, the University has agreed to pay the retro pay to all AUPE members who did not receive the 2.25% increase/retro effective April 1,

2012 due to a change in position (either promotion or lateral move).

The University's response allows the Union to accept the resolution for those AUPE members who had changed positions as well as to proceed through the grievance process regarding the other affected groups. It is impossible for us to predict how long this process will take or what the outcome will be, however, we will continue to work diligently on your behalf.

We anticipate that the University will move quickly to make the necessary payroll adjustments. Given that April 1 is fast approaching and another negotiated increase has to be applied, as well as it being year end, let's be patient and give the University a reasonable period of time to make these payroll changes. When we know on which pay period the adjustments will be made, we will send out another update.

We want to acknowledge the University for their efforts in finding resolution for some of our members.  The University put in a lot of time identifying affected members in the 'changed position' category who had not identified themselves to the Union.  We look forward to continuing to work with them in the next steps of the process. We are hopeful for a positive outcome for the almost 10% of our Membership who remain adversely affected by this Grievance.

Kevin Barry

Your Local 52 Chair