AUPE Pres. responds to Premier Prentice's statement on Alberta finances

AUPE Pres. responds to Premier Prentice's statement on Alberta finances

Posted March 02, 2015 in Government Services, Health Care, Education, Boards/Agencies/Local Government and tagged with budget, prentice

Guy Smith, President of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, said the Prentice Government is using front-line employees as a shield for the PC government’s longstanding history of fiscal mismanagement.

“I was extremely disappointed to see Premier Prentice once again scapegoat public-sector employees for his government’s budget failings,” said President Smith.

“The average earnings of AUPE members are already below those of the Alberta population as a whole, but Premier Prentice continues to suggest they are overpaid.”

Prentice claimed salary increases will increase costs by $2.6 billion over the next three years. Smith said AUPE has yet to get an explanation of how the government arrived at the figure, despite asking repeatedly.

“It appears to be a political number cooked up for the sake of the Premier and the Finance Minister’s speeches,” he said.

Prentice promised to end Alberta’s reliance on oil revenues in his speech today, but only pointed to reducing public sector salaries as a solution. Prentice has already pledged to protect the current royalty structure and corporate tax rates, which are the lowest in Canada.

“No respectful relationship can happen while the Prentice government is promising to attack front-line employees’ already modest wages,” said Smith.

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