It is once again that time to start the process of securing another
Collective Agreement. That being said I would like to introduce you to
your new Local 52 Bargaining Committee. Feel free to contact any of your
Committee about any bargaining issues you wish to bring forward. Better
yet fill out the survey below.

Kevin Barry (Chair Bargaining Committee)
Leslie Potter (Secretary Bargaining Committee)
Peter Byrne (Chair Chapter 4)
Robin Fisher (Local 52 Chief Steward, Local 52 Treasurer)
Michelle MacKenzie (Local Council, AUPE YAC Committee)
Frank Snow (Alternate Bargaining Committee, Local Council)

We also have our AUPE chief negotiator Dale Perry returning with us once
again to help support this round of negotiations. We welcome Dale back to
help us achieve our goals in this round of bargaining. We also have Terry
Luhoway with us from AUPE as he is training with Dale Perry at this time.
Terry is an MSO (Member Service Officer) with AUPE.

Your Committee has been busy with a couple of bargaining meetings in late
2014 to set some parameters for the Committee and prepare for meetings
with Dale Perry as well.  Your Committee met with Dale and Terry on
January 9th for our first day of preparation as a team and to prepare a
Bargaining Survey you can see here.  (Click the
Bargaining Survey button) Closes February 8th.
Your team met with Karen Thibault, our past MSO, January 19th who was
supporting the Local for the past few years. Karen’s support for the team
in identifying issues that we hope to improve in the next Collective
Agreement has been tremendous.
We spent the next two days January 20th, 21st with Dale and Terry once
again to start to finalize issues we plan to improve in the next
Collective Agreement.

So here is what we need from you the Membership. Please log onto the
survey to fill it out to help support your Local 52 Bargaining Committee.
By giving us your responses it will help shape our direction as well as
give us much needed information for what issues you are seeing with our
current Collective Agreement.
Please take the time to log on and support yourselves. Survey will be open
for 2 weeks and will close on February 8th.

SURVEY: (Direct) Closes February 8th

Collective Agreement:

Other resources:

Below are the bargaining dates planned at this stage. Please ensure you
are subscribed to the AUPE-L e-mail list to get all the updates from your
Local. You can subscribe here.  Just type in
aupe-l and follow the instructions to subscribe.

Dates for Local 52:
February 9
February 17

Dates for Local 52 with AUPE negotiators:
March 3,4

Dates with UofC:
March 17,18
March 26,27
April 13,14

On behalf of your Bargaining Committee
Kevin Barry
Chair Bargaining Committee 2015