Convention 2013

Convention 2013

October 17 marked the start of AUPE’S 37th Annual Convention in Edmonton. The theme for the 37th annual convention was “we’re stronger when we work together”

“Together we will make sure we continue to move forward, grow stronger, and take on the issues we need to,” Smith told the nearly 1,100 delegates, life members and observers at the Shaw Conference Centre.

Speaking later, Smith added: “Services Albertans count on every day – from post-secondary education to seniors care and beyond – are systematically being dismantled by the Redford government. It is an attack, the likes of which we haven’t seen in years. We will be there to defend those services, stand up for Albertans and hold the government to its promises.”

Day one included the nomination for president, secretary –treasurer and the 6 Vice presidents positions. The evening activities included the bear pit in which each candidate had a chance to express their point of views and answer questions from delegates.

Day 2 started earl with all delegates each representing a 100 people voting for the highest elected positions in AUPE.  There were 833 delegates that were eligible to vote and 818 voted. In order to be elected the nomine had to receive at least 410 votes.

Guy smith was once again elected for a 3rd term as president with 687 votes to Lorrine Ellis 131 votes.

Former Vice-President Jason Heistad was elected as the new Executive Secretary-Treasurer with 457 votes to 361 for Bill Dechant

Five of the six incumbent Vice-Presidents were re-elected. They are: Glen Scott with 690 votes, Erez Raz 676 votes, Karen Weiers 651 votes, Susan Slade 508 votes and Carrie-Lynn Rusznak 488 votes.

Joining them is Mike Dempsey 530 votes, a long-time AUPE member and forest ranger with Alberta Sustainable Resource Development.

Those not elected were Jaime Urbina 341 votes, Shamanth Cooray 309 votes, Todd Ross 70 votes, Tonya Malo 223 votes, Danielle McMillan 161 votes and Pervis Fisher 61 votes.

The new Executive Committee will serve a two-year term.

The afternoon of day 2 concluded with a Rally at the Alberta legislature which was to help rally support to fight against the post-secondary cuts, stop the closure of long term care beds throughout Alberta, stopping the proposed changes to out pension plans and the contracting out lab services in the hospitals in the Edmonton area.

“Convention sets AUPE’s agenda for the coming year,” said AUPE President Guy Smith. “Delegates from every local and chapter in the union review financial records, vote on our annual budget, hear reports from committees and vote on resolutions that set the direction for the next 12 months.”

There was tons of debate on the floor and several important resolutions passed/or not passes. These included

1.       All of AUPE’s current standing committees remain instead of getting combined as proposed into a smaller committee structure.

2.       To lobby and confront the Governments actions to destroy both the Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP) and Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP)

3.       To push for language to be placed in the upcoming contract for all sectors to help prevent workers from bullying, harassment and violence. As well as to improve OH&S code

4.       To pressure government to look and make public the expenses to contract out jobs that are currently AUPE members

The other thing to note is that several of the resolution never made it to the floor to be discussed. It is and ongoing issue every year and only make it clear that we need to extend convention for another day to get all of the resolutions to the floor and voted on.

JP Arsenault

Vice Chair