March Bargaining update

March Bargaining update

Hello Local 52,

Wanting to update you on where your Bargaining Committee is with the

negotiating process at this stage.
Thanks to all who filled out the survey. Your Committee took the results
into account on decisions where it was identified as relevant.
Appreciate the effort that was taken by those who filled it out.
for our meeting with the Employer to prepare our ingoing proposals.
Some will be for Housekeeping reasons which may mean terminology has
changed, legislation has changed, spelling or word change, etc. Some
will be open to completely change the Article. We will not distinguish
which is which at this stage but want you to see what is open.
proposals, 2) the Articles that are open by the both the Union and the
Employer, 3) Articles open by the Union only, 4) Articles open by the
Employer only, and 5) Articles that remain closed by both parties.
1 2017, 3.5%.
No Monetary proposal from the Employer at this time.
Schedule A, Schedule B, LOU#4, LOU# 7, LOU#8, LOU#15, LOU#16 (LOU is
Letter of Understanding at the back of the agreement)
Article 3,6,11,20,26,33
Article 12,19,22,34,37,42,43,45,49,50,53, LOU#1, LOU#2, LOU#3,LOU#5,
LOU#6, LOU#9, LOU#10, LOU#11, LOU#12, LOU#13, LOU#14, LOU#17
Article 4,5,8,10,13,21,23,27,46,48,56,57
on March 26th and as a Committee only on March 27th. Look for further
updates next week after these two days of meetings.
Kevin Barry
Chair Local 52 Bargaining Committee
listed under the Bargaining tab.
Below is the link on the AUPE website to your
collective agreement.

Your team met on February 9th, 17th, March 3rd, and 4th in preparation

Our first meeting with the Employer was last week March 17th, and 18th.

You will see a large amount of Articles which are open this time around.

We will provide below for you the following: 1) ingoing Monetary

1) Union ingoing Monetary April 1, 2015 3.5%, April 1, 2016 3.5%, April

2) Open by both:

3) Open by Union only:

4) Open by Employer only:

5) Remaining closed by both:

Your Bargaining Committee will be meeting with the Employer once again

On behalf of the Bargaining Committee

Below are links to our Local website where updates and meeting dates ar