Negotiation June update

Hello Local 52,

Well it is with heavy hearts that we send out this update with the news of the passing of Leslie Potter one of your negotiating team. Leslie passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on July 5th. Our condolences go out to her Family, Friends, and Colleagues as they deal with the sudden loss. Know that our thoughts are with you. Remember to use Leslie's
name in your stories to keep her alive in your hearts and thoughts.
Leslie was a key part of our team and her intelligence, wit, and extremely caring nature will be missed by the negotiating team. Leslie was on the negotiating team for the second time, where her dedication and caring for the Membership of Local 52 was always evident in her input with the team. Leslie was also a Local Council Member for many years and represented the Local on many,many University and Local Committees. We know Leslie will be cheering us on to continue our negotiations with her dedication and care. Leslie you will be missed.

Now the following does not seem nearly as important but I will give the update as Leslie would want us to move forward
and inform the Membership of our progress.

Your negotiating team has also made a change as Robin Fisher is on a secondment with AUPE working as an MSO (Member Service Officer) and has been doing so for a few months. Robin will continue to fill cover off over the summer vacation with AUPE which is expected to last into October. (I think) So your team has added J.P. Arsenault to the negotiating team in her absence. JP is a welcome addition with his many, many years experience as a Union Steward and on Local Council as Past Vice Chair as well as Committee work. Welcome J.P. and we appreciate you being able to commit to the team which started for him onJune 29th and 30th.

Your negotiating team met once again on June 2nd,3rd and 29th with the Employer and again as a team on June 30th. We continue to make great progress on non monetary issues and are progressing with signing off many more of the open articles. Once again I will list below the Articles which are considered "Signed Off" so you are able to see where we stand at this stage.

Your team did receive a full monetary proposal from the Employer which the team is currently reviewing to bring counter proposals to the Employer. As the proposals represent a complete package we have given a verbal response to the Employers position and will prepare a full response for the Employer when we meet next July 15th,16th,17th. (Yes today!) Once we have had a chance to review the full package of Monetary issues and after we meet this week I will give a full account of the proposals that were presented to us.

Your team has been pleased with the progress we have made in our meetings in June and have a full expectation of making great progress with our meetings this week. We are extremely hopeful to be able to come to a full agreement in the near future with the progress we have made this far. Once again below are the article signed off.

On behalf of the Bargaining Committee
Kevin Barry
Chair Local 52 Bargaining Committee

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Below are the Articles and Letters of Understanding (LOU) we have Signed Off to date.

Article 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,17,19,22,23,24,26,27,30,31,32,34,37,38,39,41,43,44,46,47,48,49,50,52,53
LOU 1,2,3,4,7,8,12,13,1415,17 LOU 18 (New)
Schedule B

I think next time it would be easier to make a list of what is left open after I just spent the time listing all of those.