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Having a healthy and safe work environment is a goal everyone shares, and each person on a work site needs to pitch in to make it happen. 

Know Your Fundamental Rights
You have three fundamental rights under the Occupational Health and Safety Act:
1) Right to know
2) Right to participate
3) Right to refuse dangerous work

Protection from Retaliation
Your employer cannot take discriminatory action (such as termination, layoff, demotion, transfer, change in job location, etc.) against you for exercising your rights and duties under the law. 

Get Involved
If you wish to be a part of the Local's OH&S Committee, or have questions about OH&S for your Local representatives, please contact us.

Local 52 OH&S Committee 
Chair, Frank Snow (snow@ucalgary.ca)
Vice Chair, Paulette Harrison (pmharris@ucalgary.ca)

Do you have an OH&S Concern? 

Read below for more information on what to do next. 

Urgent OH&S Concerns 
If your OH&S concern might be urgent (ex. continuing to work in the conditions could put you or other in danger):
1) Contact your supervisor and inform them
2) Contact Campus Security at 403-220-5333 (or campus.security@ucalgary.ca)
Non-Urgent OH&S Concerns 
If no one is currently in danger or imminently at risk:
1) Contact your supervisor and inform them
2) Complete the University of Calgary's Environmental Health and Safety's hazard/concern reporting form (link here)
3) Contact Facilities' Customer Care Centre at 403-220-7555, or by email at myfacilities@ucalgary.ca

All OH&S Concerns 
1) Contact a Local 52 Union Steward (either by phone at 403-220-8511 or email at chiefstewardlocal052@aupe.ca with the subject line, 'OH&S Member Concern') 
2) Complete AUPE's OH&S Reporting Form (link 

Don't forget to download the UC Emergency App for your phone! Click here for more information: https://www.ucalgary.ca/emergencyplan/emergency-communication/uc-emergency-app

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OARS Reports

If there is an injury, or a "near-miss" where an injury could have happened, you need to access the Online Accident Reporting System (OARS) and make a report. 

Click here to learn more and complete an OARS report. 

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Bullying and Harassment

Many of us have heard about workplace harassment or bullying. This is an OH&S concern, and is now covered in legislation by the province's OH&S Act. 

[From Homewood Health]:
How can you tell if you're experiencing bullying behaviour?

  • Would most reasonable people consider the behaviour of others towards you unacceptable?
  • Are you spending a lot of time defending your actions and seeking support from your co-workers? 

What can you do if you're experiencing bullying behaviour? 

  • Keep a factual journal of events. Record the dats, times, witnesses, what happened (as in much details as possible) and the outcome. Record the number and frequency of events to establish a pattern of bullying
  • Keep copies of any letters, emails, memos or texts you receive from the person who is making you feel bullied
  • Keep copies of performance appraisals or references that prove you can do your job effectively. Continue doing your job to the best of your ability
  • If you feel safe doing so, tell the person engaging in this behaviour that the behaviour is unwelcome, unwanted, and is making you uncomfortable. You can do this by:
    • Describing the behaviours, explain why you feel it's unacceptable, and describe how it affects you
    • Focus on the problem, not the person. Use "I " language and describe what the impact of it is (ex. "I feel like our coworkers lose confidence in my abilities when you criticize me in front of them."
    • Tell the person firmly that you want this behaviour to stop
    • If you need support to take this step, ask a witness to be present or nearby when you approach the person.   

If you do not feel comfortable talking to the individual in person:

  • You can send them an email (you will have a record of the communication)
  •  Avoid being alone with them
  • When you communicate with them, stick to the issues and the facts, and stay as calm as possible. Walk away if the person makes threats, starts to get angry, or starts acting peculiar. 
  • Stay connected with your coworkers and others - avoid becoming isolated!
  • Resist the urge to retaliate - it can result in a counter-complaint against you for the same kind of issues

What can you do if the bullying continues?

-Speak with your supervisor about it - present your concerns in a professional, factual way. Bring your record of the bullying with you, including the names of any witnesses;
-If your supervisor is the one who you feel is bullying you, talk with your supervisor's manager;
-You may also be able to find support from your union, the resources identified in the Harassment Policy or Sexual Violence Policy, or HR staff. 

Click here to read how the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act defines Harassment and Violence. 

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AUPE Local 52 Steward Line: 403-220-8511 (or click here for a list of all stewards)

Staff Wellness

Sexual Violence Support Advocate

Wellbeing and Worklife (HR)

Office of Diversity, Equity, and Protected Disclosure (ODEPD)
403-220-4086 or disclose@ucalgary.ca 
The Protected Disclosure Advisor is available to all members of the university community and serves as a confidential resource for individuals seeking information and advice on sensitive and diverse matters. the Protected Disclosure Advisor is also the central point of contact for "Protected Disclosures" (pursuant to the Protected Disclosures "Whistleblower" Act). 

Confidence Line: 1-800-661-9675 
This is an external reporting mechanism. It gives you access to an independent third party that ensures your anonymity should you wish to report a wrongdoing or act as a 'whistleblower'. 

Homewood Health (Employee and Family Assistance Program)

University of Calgary Policies:

  • UCalgary Code of Conduct
  • Harassment Policy
  • Sexual Violence Policy
  • Workplace Investigation Procedure
  • Workplace Violence Policy 
  • Workplace Accommodation Policy

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What do I do if I'm injured or ill?

The University of Calgary, through the Staff Wellness department, came out with new instructions for AUPE (and MaPS) staff for what to do if you are injured or ill. To access the instructions, click here.

Local 52 OH&S Committee

Frank Snow (Committee Chair)
Paulette Harrison (Committee Vice Chair)
Kevin Barry (Local Chair)
Peter Byrne (Chief Steward)
Blaine VandeKerKhove (Membership Services Officer)
Jennifer McCarty
Sarah Bound
Allan Lyons
Peter Gimby
Donald Walker
Darren MacLean
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