Repealing Bill 45 long overdue

Repealing Bill 45 long overdue

The repeal of Bill 45 a long overdue reversal for which public sector workers can thank the Supreme Court of Canada.

Once again the PCs had to be forced into doing the right thing. The Premier didn’t do this because he has a soft spot for public sector workers. If Prentice truly believed that this was a bad bill, he had a full fall session to withdraw it. Instead, it was only after the Supreme Court’s ruling that Prentice had no choice but to repeal this draconian legislation.

Bill 45 allowed the PCs to fine Albertans for saying or writing anything the government perceives to be a “strike threat,” and imposed crippling fines on unions that were unmatched anywhere else in the country.

In January, the Supreme Court of Canada affirmed that a worker's right to strike is constitutionally protected and as such, many of Alberta’s laws which ban strikes are likely unconstitutional.

This government cannot be trusted to treat the hard working men and women of the public sector, fairly. Bill 45 directly violated the fundamental principles of collective bargaining, democratic process and respect for public employees and repealing it ensures public sector workers and their families will not be bullied.

David Eggen,
Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour critic