Role of a Steward

Local 52 Stewards are trained to represent and defend the interests of our members.

We encourage you to contact your Union Steward if you have any questions or concerns regarding your contract or the Employer's actions. If you are not sure if you have a grievance or if you wish to file a grievance, please contact a Union Steward as soon as possible. There are time limits for filing a grievance that must be met (10 business days) in order for your grievance to be filed.

The only process available for enforcing the Collective Agreement is for you to file a grievance. While we will always attempt to resolve issues informally, sometimes a grievance is the only way to get resolution to your issues.

If you have any questions about the Collective Agreement, or if you need representation at a disciplinary, investigative or other meeting, please contact a Union Steward from the list below.

 In addition to the Union Stewards listed below, Local 52 has a Chief Union Steward. If you are unable to contact a Union Steward, you can reach The Chief Steward via email at You may also call the Local 52 office at (403) 220-8511 and leave a  message. Messages are checked regularly.

If your matter is urgent and you require immediate assistance, please contact AUPE at 1-800-232-7284.  

NameLocationEmailPhone Number
JP ArsenaultFacilitiesjprarsen@ucalgary.ca403-899-8741
Kevin 403-608-4307
Peter ByrneAnywherechiefstewardlocal052@aupe.ca403-220-8511
Jessica DaigleSocial Sciencesjdaigle@ucalgary.ca403-220-5920
Robin FisherFoothillsfisherr@ucalgary.ca403-220-4194
Renata GordonMacEwan Hallrgordon@ucalgary.ca403-210-6446
Marla HalstedTFDLmarla.halsted@ucalgary.ca403-210-7124
Lorinda HammondMain Campuslhammond@ucalgary.ca403-888-6494
Paulette HarrisonBioScipmharris@ucalgary.ca403-220-3161
Gerald HerterFacilitiesgrherter@ucalgary.ca403-899-9671
Justin HusebyPhysical Plant, MBjchuseby@ucalgary.ca403-512-6069
Christina JohnstonFacilitiesjohnstoc@ucalgary.ca403-554-7421
Tracy MacintoshFacilities, Medicinetmacinto@ucalgary.ca403-899-8927
Jenn McCartyFoothillsjdmccart@ucalgary.ca403-998-6258 or 220-3719
Muzaffar MianFoothills, ITmmian@ucalgary.ca403-210-7571
Jesse MurrayFacilitiesjtcmurra@ucalgary.ca403-613-3041
Barbara SmithSpy Hillblsmith@ucalgary.ca403-210-6973
Frank SnowFacilitiessnow@ucalgary.ca403-620-7254
Dan TillemanEngineeringdtillema@ucalgary.ca403-220-5831
Donald WalkerFacilitieswalkerdg@ucalgary.ca403-210-6214

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